Foam Mattresses

  • Foam mattresses tend to be heavier than the spring equivalent. This means it can be harder to change the sheets and to turn the mattress when required.
  • You can select which foam your mattress is made from:
  • Reflex foam is the standard mattress foam and provides for a perfectly sound & restful sleep. It is also used as the base layer for a more advanced foam top layer.
  • Memory foam moulds to the shape of your body as you sleep and supports each part of you
  • CoolBlue Memory foam, as the name suggests, conducts heat away allowing a cool restful sleep but with the same benefits in terms of support that memory foam provides
  • Revo foam is the latest in foam technology where the cells (bubbles) within the foam are larger than usual allowing heat and moisture to wick away more easily whilst allowing the best support.
  • Foam mattresses come with removable, machine washable covers. Whilst you’re not going to take it off very often, there is a benefit in knowing that you can take it off and clean it periodically or when necessary.